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On Top by Tim Cook

Tim is a lecturer in history from Leicester. In addition to running, he likes to buy, read, and write books. His stories and poems have been collected in a variety of locations. He’s still working on a website.

"Damn," expectorated Jake Westmoreland. He stared at his screen. He had to make up yet another story beginning for yet another fictitious author? He looked out the window. Nothing. He expectorated again, "damn," and fell silent. Jake took no damn guff; yet it was guff he was now clearly about to be taking if he didn't buck his damn ideas up. His calloused fingers scratched the old wood of the cheap writing table. And then, in a fit of inspiration, he turned towards the camera (because there was a camera, forgot to mention that), and said, "you, reader, maybe you can do better? Submit today."